v a l i s

by Shokora



VALIS (acronym of Vast Active Living Intelligence System from an American film): A perturbation in the internal link-reality field in which a spontaneous self-monitoring negentropic internal link-vortex is formed, tending progressively to subsume and incorporate its environment into arrangements of information. Characterized by quasi-consciousness, purpose, intelligence, growth and an armillary coherence.
- Great Soviet Dictionary, Sixth Edition 1992


released January 1, 2016




WeAreSkywalkers Claremont, California

We Are Jack's Hip Hop Collective.

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Track Name: Star (prod by. D McCloud)
First, shoutout to the lonely kids who don't recognize mannequins 'cos they don't know what phony is
Second off, shoutout to my daddy's sperm & my mother's uterus for even making this nigga
Thirdly, shoutout to the herb that i be holding in like Kirby or college girls in Berkeley
I wanna sell my soul but i don't think it's worth anything
Many dreams, plenty schemes (man, fuck it)
My name is Dwayne, the Pineal Gland man
Catch me doing a Can-Can over Tony Hawk doing a handstand
All that means is that i'm higher, my words are the crack & my brain is the supplier, nigga
You don't need a lighter 'cos i got that too
I'm from San Bernardino nigga who made you?
I was getting territorial like all the niggers who wanted to drown me for being a fucking Oreo
Indian Prom Night, hotter than Curry
If you're in a space jam, I'm Bill fucking Murray and i'll be there in a hurry
Now the kids say hurray, he can fix that like Dule
Hill and he kills Bills, not looking for cheap thrills
He does it so Beatrice can write her own will, goddamn
I once heard we're lost souls in a bowl of fish
My mind knows one song and it goes like this
Track Name: D'ohpe~feat. Raven (prod by. D McCloud)
[Verse 1: Raven]
I'm on fire so don't pass me the lighter
You know i'll light up ya world on that shit that always inspires me
Stayin' fresh to undeath, sleep is for the weak so never rest on this excellence that puts Gods to the test

[Hook: Raven]
So puff puff pass like a baton in this bitch
Smoking all my green, so i'll never be rich
I'm higher than you can ever be, smoking on that perfect leaf
No blood on these leaves when we're hanging in trees

[Verse 2: Raven]
I'm rising star, Apollo
Hoodie on glow so I'm easy to follow
Plus I'm always high like I'm repeating mahalo(halo halo)
Ask her if she swallow, if she do we can get down
I'm never shallow that's why I go fishing when she's around

[Verse 3: Shokora]
I'm smoking on that Ooh-Wee, niggas say who we, go and read the bottle
Petal to the metal yea, we're going full throttle and i'm taking this hit like i just won the lotto
But now i vaporize
Ancient eyes hate these guys wise lies, I tried mai-tai's once
I'll stick to Tequila, back to the leader

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Shokora]
I'm smoking on that Rhino & my might is dyno
They say you are what you eat, i'm in that pussy like a Gyno and I'm leaning like a Wino
Throwing punches like I'm Micheal, dunking on em like I'm Micheal, Moonwalking like I'm Micheal
So, puff puff pass like a baton in this bitch and i'm smoking all my green so i'll never be rich
And it's Comeback's in this bitch and we taking over like Nazi's playing Red Rover
And my clover got five leaves & I like smoking weed


[Hook 2: Shokora]
Roll up (x3)
Roll up (x4)
I got that, you got That
Roll up, roll up

[Verse 5: Shokora]
You can catch me in the BMW you gotta stunt hard on them niggas that used to trouble you
Couple few times I had your girl behind enemy lines
It was her decision nigga it wasn't up to you damn that was rude
But that's what happens when you haven't had food in a couple weeks
You stain a couple sheets and they always tryna test, that's why i give them the D
And afterwards they be like

[Hook 2]
Track Name: BWA (prod by. D McCloud)
The kid never left so I'm always right never tight
Sippin' loose juice everynight
Fighting demons like Dante, bringing niggas to their knees like 'Yonce
Back at it with some new magic
Been high, you a new attic
Mathematics is what i spit when i take a hit of this fluffy shit
Been ready but the light was yellow, i've been here but the hype was mellow
Niggas stick it to the script but i like improv
I'm stalking my dreams but i married a day-job
Now thats an unfair affair, i think i need (repairmanman)
Niggas burning up like a white man wearing no suntan man
I just took Hercules and made one of the dopest beats of the season
But that's the opinion of a resident, foreign opinions are irrelevant
I vent like an A/C in a casino in Vegas or Reno
Gimme the deniro before i have Robert Pecci ya face, all improvised b.t.w
You go raw, i am ECW
How can you go Barack and w
I don't know, i'm the greatest and the laziest with the haziest green
That you've ever smoken or seen
Call me Dark Phoenix it's all in my genes
So fresh to clean 'cos the nigga is an outcast
Weed i'm smoking on 'bout to put a nigga on blast
It's my movie, i decide who belongs in the cast
I think i just broke the game and i think it needs a cast
Everybody just bounce
Track Name: Everything & Nothing (prod by. D McCloud)
[Hook: Shokora]
They say what's wrong man, I tell 'em everything & nothing

[Verse 1: Shokora]
Infinity and zero
Match made in Heaven, Hellfire in my burrito
Leo DiCapri-no Oscar-o
What i'm breathing is chemical, my dreams look identical
That should tell me something
But a nigga stay bumping so you should braille me something
And she keeps getting the D like she failed or something
My nigga are you scared to achieve something, my nigga i bet you don't believe in nothing
Me, i believe i'm Winnie the Pooh, that means i'm loving the Honeys while i'm assisting the crew
You wanna step, you better tie your shoes before you trip all over these loose ends
Two steps and ya dead
These corpses made a new friend

Track Name: Pink Light [osaka trade]
Imagine me walking on a canvas full of stanzas
Yea that's poetry in motion and in closing i present the Genesis
Get binoculars for the witnesses
Does anybody know who's kid this is (naw)
A lonely orphan who gets shy while recording in front of Sydney
R. Kelly kidney's i'm gonna piss on you and make you say goddamn that was refreshing
Almost like a blessing 'cos i've been stressing over these records
Niggas put out bullshit and call it Potpourri and i don't have a nose so [sample]
My niggas on that LSD and I am double D
I'm not a square but I kind of am because I'm staying out of trouble see
I get around like row row row ya bout and this is showing ya titties to get beads from a fucking float
Yea the crew's here
Happy new fear
I'm drunk off that ever ever ever that ever clear
I'm back on that 2007 shit
Kid Shokora is popular no longer celibate
So let's celebrate with our arrogant taste
Raise your glasses, hold your pinky up and please hide your face
It goes on on anon on
I'm the master of my domain wait till I log on
I'm turning into new energy, symmetry is becoming one of the ugliest thing to me
Maybe I don't get it maybe I never did
It's me, myself and I but goddamn I'm such a lonely kid
They asked why these kids gotta play with guns
The Rugrats let Reptar out 'cos they thought it was fun
C'mon man
Get it together
Our propellers disable any birds from flocking together
Throwing lever every which way nigga it's whatever
Ooh so clever, i think the kid has gotten better
'cos i've been in hibernation patiently waiting in my dream state
My team's late for pete sake cheesecake
Should be rewarded to the kid who has thwarted all of their plans
Nigga i'm the goddamn man
Track Name: Valis (prod by. D McCloud)
I hope you had a good sleep motherfucker
Time to wake up in a dream motherfucker
A nigga off the wall like Vans made of Flubber
My name is Dwayne but i go by another that's David
As in fuck that Goliath nigga, i'm tired nigga
Of spitting the same old shit in the same toilet
Now the shit's backed up 'cos the flow so sick nigga
I've been waiting gimme a tip
And niggas can't read, don't gimme a script and you smoking weed
You better gimme a hit, you better gimme a hit
Like Rihanna vs Robin Givens
I look to the sky man i'm tired of living
And niggas say thanks but i'm tired of giving
So i guess it's Christmas, bust out ya wishlist bitches give me kisses
When i come through ya town, when they see me around
They star an affair like i'm Thomas Crown
They start buying gowns and shit, start clearing they schedules
You're my little buddy and i'm Mr. Incredible
These niggas think they number one but i'm over here, moving the decimals
I'm back on the track and i'm playing conductor
Running niggas over with the horn blow flow tighter than cornrows on RiffRaff
Wait a minute who's that with his head down but his crown is glistening
If you haven't been listening
This is s-h-ok-to the o-to the-r-a

[Verse 2: Shokora]
Shoutout to the producer oh wait that's me
Niggas like how can you be Kanye in a Bukkake cocky
I found out that time couldn't stop me and the only ones that could stop me
Are all these kings but they started chocking like Joffrey
[sample] alright i guess i'm still moving
Still cruising, still grooving
Shoutout to the niggas in the back who stole all the snacks
Live that pirate life, ain't giving nothing back
And i'm back on this rap shit
'cos a nigga getting tired of the plastic
And i haven't found anyone i would wanna do Cocaine with
Not even Bill Murray nigga?
Not even Bill Murray nigga
Track Name: ***[matt's apt]
I'm flying on a Pegasus giving Legos to Legolas
This nigga on TV tryna get me to go to Everest
My life is passing me by though
Fi-fo-fee-fum, let's end this show on a high note
Drink some Ayahuasca, put LSD in your eyeholes and take a spiritual journey man something like a revival
And every-time i spit i feel i'm rewriting the bible but please don't tell Jesus if anything
You can call me two dollar Yeezus 'cos i spit hot fire alter egos like Doubtfire
Niggas they admire the skill, i fire at will, got niggas running circles like a fire drill in China
I'll eat your dinner at the timer
I'm pretty fucking cool and you are sorta kinda
Goddamn I hate these rhymers that i gotta pretend to like like
Give these niggas a bike so they can fucking ride better
Give these niggas some flow so they can fucking dive better
Give these niggas some light so they fucking shine better
Waterboy on the field now they need to hike better
I'm pretty fucking sick
I wonder if my dogs even know i'm Mike Vick
I said I'm pretty fucking sick
You can catch me in the bimmer packing Sativa or you can catch me with a group of losers playing the leader
Or you can catch me if you can man i mean damn
Niggas hate my flow like it's written in Comic Sans but fuck it just raise your hands
Baby go head and dance, she whine like a 3 year old and now it's all about you like see I told
My face has seen more ass than a stripper pole
What i got is contagious, you couldn't keep it in cages
You should call me Auntie Mama 'cos i'm so outrageous, ostentatious, looking for spacious places to bring to basement back
'cos rap need that more than a fucking fitted cap
You're so disrespectful, they don't need to be respected and your flow makes me Ralph, so i had to wreck it
And they had to check it out like, waiter, waiter, could you bring me a Doggy Bag so I can save this filet for later
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Shokora, a carpooler for the niggas who don't have rides just sit back and vibe
To the fucking wizardry, militant artillery's what you get when you're bringing out the kid in me
'cos he thinks he's the bomb
When he's not with his mom he's a fucking hooligan who needs to go to school again
But he's focused on getting paper so he can feel cool again, he knows it will ruin him
But if you're any better, i suggest you pick the stone up and beat me till i'm dead like a cop filing his quota Motorola soldiers
You niggas need to get your fucking bars up
Track Name: The Patience [pupil the patience]
[intro: Shokora]
I'm rapping like it's Christmas Eve
Get a clue like your name is Steve

Shoutout to the rejects wearing V necks underneath their sweaters
Shoutout to the p-jects where niggas wish it could get better
I'm kinda lost in the middle like Malcolm Nygma incriminating evidence
Precedent showing this is Heaven-sent

[Verse 1: Shokora]
Let's turn it on like Edison, fuck that, let's take it back to Tesla
So it's free energy from me to you now don't you feel better
You don't need a sweater 'cos i heat it u-p
Raves is in the back smoking on Ooh Wee passing it to 2D and Russel
You niggas need to learn how to hustle that's what they told me
So I moved in with my uncle and got my ass on that tressle deck, showed respect
Trying to remember not to forget
Nike check this out
Like just do it for me, Thomas foolery, now i'm rapping like there's two of me who is we
It's just me, myself and I-I captain, i can't stop fapping, nigga stop feeling yourself
That's what the esteem said, i'm starving the keep the team fed
Nigga what team, nigga fuck dreams
I live in a simulated reality don't be mad at me when i attack thee
With spears and daggers moves like Jagger
With Parkinson's Harkins Theaters where I meet her in the back
Her cat's meowing so it's dick i feed her and a couple of fingers
Her totter's where i teeter you know you niggas fucked up letting this loser tell you that he is a leader
And i'm trying to get noticed by brainfeeder but that's another item on my Christmas list and i wish this bitch
Would call me back but i ain't got no phone so I'm E.T
Do you see me or rather do you hear me but above all baby girl i just want you to feel
That's why i put LSD in your laxatives so you can passively trip while you trip passively
Grasping at air
If this ain't the truth then it must be blasphemy
It has to be the greatest that you've ever heard
I don't know what you heard, but this shit is absurd
Goddamn so


[Verse 2: Shokora]
I hope this exceeded your expectations
I've been patiently waiting like Clayton trying not to go ape shit
Patience patience that's what they tell me
I hope they smell me
I hope these blind niggas braille me but they wanna fail me
While i give your girl the Deli meat from cheek to cheek she beat my meat like Rocky training for a fight
I'm on one like i got diabetes
Rolling like Heelies
Cooler than Fiji just ask Truman
I've been shrooming
I've been on that King Tut tomb shit
Get a broom shit, these niggas dusty
Giving girls the pipe because they nigga rusty
Nigga trust me but please don't rush me

'cos i go at my own place like a turtle but this turtle got flow so I guess a nigga Squirtle
And i'm jumping hurdles from the couch and i put this flavor in your mouth
Just taste it, never waste it
I just wanted a a hit, now i'm with the shits
And this beat is a goddamn trip, fuck Matt Martians did you motherfucking lace this
They want real shit so open your mouth and taste this
I would drink Cystal but Jay said they motherfucking racist and
You old like K-Swiss and
Yo girl need a face-lift
And i'm get to everybody just tell the doctors to have some patience
Track Name: Gross Depression Beard [between friends]
[Verse 1: Shokora]
It's a way of survival my rival is in the mirror singing and cheering along to the song that has made me fearful
But i wrote it
So i guess it's only right that he would quote it back to me
Actually you might as well tell the faculty that i'm gonna shoot up the school 'cos i'm schooling you with new rules
You're lucky I met 'em when I did or else those could've been your kids with their lids split open like
I didn't know how heavy it was before i picked it up
Tell Jesus i need a pick me up
But only if he's real right
How do blind men believe in sight and three wrongs don't make it
Right angle tri-angels but our wings are mangled and i'm rubbing on life's cankles
All while being patted on the head like you're doing a good job now rest up and go to bed
It's all a dream i keep telling myself
T-h-a-t and i'm mating with people i really shouldn't be dating but fuck it literally
I'm an asshole
Been depressed for a while, i feel like trading my tie for a lasso
So look mama look mama look
No hands
Satan wants to tango, look at my feet, i don't dance
They both left, like our dads did
Fell like I've been rapping from a casket since the acid trip
And bongs i rip and juice i sip and i pour some out for those moments missed
My soul is obnoxiously paranormal
I'm paranoid of the normal
I show up to prom night looking so damn formal
But i keep it tight, no homophobia
Pics or it didn't happen my nigga, get the Nokia
And the Kodak and niggas fold back like loafs of bread and it was written does it need to be said
Animosity is lost in me
I feel like Socrates eating in Texas
Oh yes, extra extra extra large please
And don't worry about the Ketchup ma'am i brought my own
But on this hot chocolate, can i get a little bit more foam
I got an appetite for apathy, i'm laughing at niggas laughing at me
I'm crackling 'cos i just snapped and now i'm gonna pop
I'm sorry officer i didn't know that octagon read stop
I should've called this song Sharkeisha stop 'cos i ain't gonna stop until you go ahead and call the fucking cops
And make sure you put this shit on the internet
My niggas stealing trophies 'cos we haven't won a thing yet
Hard cut to the spoils of war, i told him a knock knock joke
His face was the door
No mouth emoji
The universe is made of coding
Anointed beings is who we used to be
I'm not blind motherfucker i just refuse to see and these kids need a shot and a motherfucking booster seat
Niggas acting so goofy got me feeling like Pete
Spitting Quantum Physics at niggas like a mathlete
I'm trapping like Yu-Gi meeting The Fugees wearing a Gucci sweater
Goddamn nigga you can't tell me you can do it better
Track Name: Get On Down~feat. Raven & Babe Field (prod by. D McCloud)

[Verse 1: Raven]
Welcome to my scenery
So nice you came to see me
I’m hungry for these games
Like snow in class with the feeny
I know, I know, I’m the coldest
They even call me the boldest
My elders all seem to fear me
Some even say I am soulless
Walking while I’m sole-less
Dancing like I own this
So you this floor is under my control
Btter cuff your chick cos i'm stealing them all
That's why i'm out here on parole
I am greatest
That’s why you can’t help but play this
Killing everyone else on your playlist
Who claims they don’t know what my name is
Like Jay and K and Bey
Lol JK baby

[Hook: Jamiroquai Sample x2]
Get on down and work me babe
On your knees, once again
She's a fast persuader, outta space
Escalator to elation any place

Girl's got crazy rhythm
She's coming from a stranger place
All wrapped up in music
With a star gaze on her face

[Verse 2: Babefield]
Goofy niggas get out of my optical
I’m finna be on top it’s not optional
Gotta line em up
Gotta fry em up
Let these hoes know that they time is up
Niggas always say they got yo back
But they steady ducking like quack
Get it from the middle of the east and the west
And i get it from the front to the back
You can either tune in or tune out
Either way i’m speaking true shit til the end
It’s money to be made and best believe i’m making it
It’s hotties in the shade and yes this nigga hates
Cause i’m getting it
With they bitch
Sitting in a two seater
Sipping on a two liter
With the shits
With the clique
I’m too gone i’m candlelit
It’s b a b e i’m the best
And i’m just doing me nigga i’m just doing me

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 3: Shokora]
I'm a black Ronin romain'
Nigga jump like Shonen when I go in
They like 'why you gotta go so hard'?
I'm like why I gotta white to get a black card
Niggas act hard when they in their backyard
But in public they rubbish
Like yo flow get to scrubbing
Glorified War lord going a world tour been doing since four score and seven years ago
And years before that nigga i've been dope way before crack
I stay in the cut like Neosporin
Born in Cali but i push that foreign
I don't play no games but a nigga still scoring
We in a drought so a nigga stay poor in
The city, ya'll still with me
Or you looking away like when Bobby hit Whitney
Oh I guess you can have your cake and eat it too
I got flows like Havasu
Now i'm asking you
Don't you think is the shit got bars like a convict
I stay funky like i'm armpit